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At Optimal Result, we treat you like family and commit to putting your interests first. Ensuring the best advice structured to your needs for now and into the future.

What We Do

Optimal Result operate around a core philosophy of integrity and excellence.

We work closely with our clients to make certain we have a profound understanding of each client’s circumstance, and then tailor our services to assist each client in achieving their objectives.

We offer the best variety of specialist services that we have confidence in to achieve and surpass your financial expectations leading to a more confident and secure lifestyle for you and those near you for the years ahead.

Our Retail Services

Financial Planning

Financial planning is the foundation of your financial success. The path begins here.

We help you explore your lifestyle goals and dreams and provide you with a plan to meet them.

We help you to understand your financial strengths and weaknesses by creating income and expense documents so you have a clear understanding of your cash flow.

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Your cash flow is the key to wealth financial independence. We show you how to save by helping you align your present choices and future life style with your desired financial success. It’s not always easy, but it is certainly possible.

We help you prioritize and make the right decisions, keeping in mind your values and what is important to you.

Our ongoing reviews will assure you are on the right path to your financial success.

Investment Management

Your investment strategy is essential to meeting your financial goals. Remaining invested during market fluctuations can be difficult if your portfolio is not aligned with your psychological risk tolerance.

We help you overcome this behaviour gap by integrating your risk tolerance with your short, medium, and longer term goals.

Our portfolios are well-diversified using low cost and no load investments. Our preferred investment choices for our portfolios are low cost mutual funds, exchange traded funds, and individual bonds, as appropriate.

Also our fees are fare and compare better than most. We want to see your wealth grow alongside us as a team into the future.

Tax Planning

Your tax return is your financial x-ray; it provides insight into your financial life.

We review two years of tax returns to help us recommend tax efficient strategies going forward. We work with you and your accountants and help you to prepare your tax documents.

We evaluate the tax impact of financial life decisions such as asset sales, gifts and transfers. We then recommend resourceful strategies which consider both current and future tax implications.

Estate Planning

We help you plan to meet your personal and family needs by reviewing your existing documents and agreements.

We help you understand the roles of your trustees and executors and beneficiaries. We make sure your plan aligns with your personal wishes in life as well as your wishes for your legacy.

We help you create an efficient transfer of wealth by identifying the impact of current asset ownership, and ensuring your assets are titled as detailed in legal documents.

We advise you on charitable and gifting strategies, helping you meet your legacy wishes.

Life Transitions

Unexpected financial changes due to divorce or death of a loved one can create a block in your life, preventing you from moving forward.

Life changes require meaningful conversations and thoughtful actions to help you plan for the new normal in your life.

Unexpected wealth requires a carefully planned strategy to ensure the assets are allocated to meet your current goals and also invested for your long term objectives.

We act as your thinking partner and your guide to help prepare you to take action. As you progress through each step, we will guide you in all aspects that affect your financial life and your new life.

We assist in creating a team of specialists to assess, guide and implement recommendations to create peace of mind.

Retirement Planning

Retirement is not an event. It’s a phase in life.

We help you understand your retirement plans, options, pensions and other retirement savings. We help you prioritise and then we analyse multiple outcomes to create the most tax efficient strategy to meet your goals.

Through our advanced planning process we analyse your current and future finances – assets, income, expenses, and help you get on track to where you need to be.

The process will help us to determine the best use of your financial resources.

We help you make your retirement plan decisions and help you to maximise your savings.




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